A scene from a mass vaccination site

Yesterday, in early evening, I took my eleven year-old daughter to a vaccination site in Times Square. I had already scheduled an appointment for the following afternoon at a nearby pharmacy, but then she would not be eligible to receive the city’s gift of a $100 debit card. She is…

Reflections on Identity

An existential crisis at the grocery store

A few days after I delivered my first child to college, I went to the grocery store. I shop almost every day, unwilling to plan meals more than a day ahead, finding that whatever quantity I bought in advance would be all wrong and have to be adjusted according to…

Reflections on Identity

Why I’m pretty sure I’m happy to be single after a long marriage

In recent weeks, I’ve been highly attuned to the small, daily interactions between long-time married couples. I vacillate between feeling that the end of my own marriage has brought irretrievable losses and that it has freed me to be who I was meant to be without the weight of a…

Annual Atonement with Some Help from a Friend and a Fresca

I’m not a terribly observant Jew, but I have a special fondness for Yom Kippur, the most sacred day of the Jewish year. Unlike holidays that have historical relevance but less of a connection to modern-day life, on Yom Kippur we fast, confess, and pray in order to atone for…

Reflections on Identity

On how whittling my household from five to four to three to two really feels

This morning, I awaken to find every light in the house on at full blast: first the hallway, then the hall bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, the staircase to the kids bedrooms. It is early and no one else is stirring yet — my ten-year old daughter is curled…

Laura Friedman Williams

Author of AVAILABLE: A Memoir of Sex & Dating After a Marriage Ends (Boro/HarperUK June ‘21).

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