Reflections on Identity

When it’s hard for men to embrace fatherhood as a full-time role

Photo by Federico Enni on Unsplash

Reflections on Identity

Leaving kids at college, leaving marriages, losing spouses

One last selfie, day before college drop-off

Reflections on Identity

On how whittling my household from five to four to three to two really feels

Sunset over the Catskill Mountains, taken from my living room

Reflections on Identity

The threshold between the life you had and the life you could have

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The ritual is strangely comforting

Photo: Rutherhagen, Peter/Getty Images

Reflections on Identity

What it feels to lose a father to one, then a husband to another

Hopeful and joyful on my wedding day, May 1996

Lived Through This

Rising and falling, over and over and over again

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Reflections on Identity

Looking out, to find out what is within

Photo by Brandon Lopez on Unsplash

Cuomo, cheating spouses, and why re-drawn lines are no match for basic morality and respect

Photo by AJ Wallace on Unsplash

Reflections on Identity

My monetary worth on the open market

Age 29, with my first baby

Laura Friedman Williams

Author of AVAILABLE: A Memoir of Sex & Dating After a Marriage Ends (Boro/HarperUK June ‘21).

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